Casas da Bela Vista is a small and exclusive condominium with a lot of charm, which offers breathtaking views over the Alentejo hills, with the sea in the background.

It’s located on Reserva Country Club (by @reservaalecrim), the best Glamping & Eco Resort on the Portuguese Alentejo sea coast, which this year won the “Líderes de Turismo 2023” prize, awarded by Turismo de Portugal.


With only 18 houses, all of them T1+1, each with its own plot of land and installed in an area surrounded by a magnificent garden, the condominium has an infinity pool for use by owners or guests. The owners will also be able to use all the common areas and equipment available at Reserva Alecrim, namely

  • 2 Lakes
  • 3 Lagoons
  • Biological Pool
  • Infinity Pool
  • Heated Indoor Swimming Pool • 2 Restaurants
  • Playground
  • Kids Club (seasonal)
  • Gym (open soon)


With a useful private area of 80sqm (40 sqm interior area, plus 40 sqm terrace), in plots from 280sqm to 320 sqm, the Houses T1+1, are composed of a living room with kitchen, bathroom, double bedroom and children’s bedroom with bunk bed. All houses have a generous balcony, with stunning views over the local landscape.

The houses are built in Steel Frame and have excellent performance in terms of thermal insulation, which allows them to obtain an Energy Certification A.

Fully furnished and equipped houses, supplied on a “turnkey” basis.

Your real estate investment,
with high appreciation potential

• Prices between €250,000 and €310,000, depending on the location of the plot of land.
• First houses ready at 1st quarter 2025

Anticipate the project launch. Make your pre-reservation of a plot, in full ownership, with a house for your 2nd home and/or tourist rental profit.

Prices offered for pre-bookings



  • €10,000 when booking the plot (to be deducted from the purchase contract – CPCV)
  • 30% on CPCV signature (up to 6 months after booking)
  • 30%, 90 days after signing the CPCV
  • 40% on the date of the property Deed

The house acquisition for own use in an exclusive condominium, or to make the investment profitable by renting the equipment.

• Type of Operation: Acquisition of the plot of land + fully equipped and furnished house (turnkey)

• Return: Good property valuation rates + possibility of additional revenue from renting the house (operation managed exclusively by Amazing Glamping).

Amazing Glamping is the first professional glamping operations manager, with a team of highly competent professionals.

It places special emphasis on management control, space creativity, equipment innovation, marketing, channel management, attention and quality of service to guests, equipment maintenance and promotion of sustainable solutions.



Only 140km from Lisbon @reservaalecrim is located near the city of Santiago do Cacém, between Melides and Santiago do Cacém, 10 min. in the best beaches on the Alentejo coast.
To the south: São Torpes and Porto Covo, to the north Santo André, Melides and Aberta Nova.


1. For how long can the owner (as well as family or friends) use their accommodation unit?

The owner may use his/her accommodation unit up to 320 days per year.
However, it is mandatory to make the accommodation unit available so that it can be rented to third parties for at least 45 days per year, in the period between June 15th and September 15th.

2. If there is a period for tourist exploration, through a contract with Amazing Glamping, what are the timing options?

It is mandatory to make the accommodation unit available for rent, at least 45 days per year, in the period between June 15th and September 15th.
During the 45 days period, the owner will not be able to use his accommodation unit.
During the rest of the year, the owner is free to choose the periods in which his accommodation unit may be available for rent.

3. What is included and what is the cost of the condominium in different cases (own use / tourist rental)?

The condominium payment is constant regardless of use. The value of the condominium is intended to reimburse the costs of common parts and equipments in Reserva Alecrim, which is directly proportional to the quality of the condominium’s offering as well as the amount charged for tourist rental.

The value will be defined when the construction will be concluded and the condominium administration will be elected. As an indication, it is estimated that the value of the condominium fee will be between 190 and 260 euros/monthly.

4. What is included and what is the cost of the condominium in different cases (own use / tourist rental)?

Services included in the condominium:
Gardening / Sewage and wastewater service and respective equipment maintenance, removal and treatment / Domestic water treatment service / Domestic water collection and storage service for irrigation and fire prevention / Outdoor lighting / Security services / Basic maintenance service for common equipment / Reception service / Cleaning service for common spaces / Collection and preparation service for domestic waste / Basic maintenance of roads within the condominium / Regular maintenance of ponds and swimming pools / Maintenance of gates and fences / Maintenance of prevention generators / Other services to be detailed.

5. What is the potential return on tourist rentals via Amazing Glamping?

Amazing Glamping is the management entity accredited by Turismo de Portugal for the exclusive tourist operation of Casas da Bela Vista. The return is dependent on market conditions.

Historically, between 2019 and 2023 the average annual occupancy rate was 48% and the average daily stay was €140. If we consider the historical average of the last 5 years and 100% availability for tourist rentals, we obtain a turnover value of around 25,000 euros/year.

From this value we will have to deduct the Amazing Glamping management fee (50%), which results in a gross revenue for the owner of 12,500 euros. From this value, the value of the condominium must also be subtracted, which for calculation purposes is estimated at 2,500 euros per year, so, an income of 10,000 euros will be obtained.

Note that Amazing Glamping will support the total investment in extra advertising in the booking platforms in order to get additional visibility for the Condominium.

6. Are the accommodation units provided fully furnished and equipped? What equipment (appliances and furniture) is included?

Yes, they are supplied furnished and equipped, ready for use.
The list of equipment and furniture included will be available on the signing of the CPCV (Purchase and Sale Agreement Contract).

7. What additional costs are expected for basic cleaning and maintenance services for the accommodation units?

Currently, as an example, the cleaning service for a house with these characteristics, including changing clothes and towels, costs €60/each.
Regarding basic maintenance, such as changing a light bulb, repairing a chair or replacing a broken glass, there is no cost to the owner.

8. When the accommodation is made available for tourist use, does the owner have any additional charges to the monthly condominium fee?

There is no additional charges for the owner.
A fee of €10 is foreseen for each night of use, to be deducted from the rental revenue, which will cover reception services, welcome drinks, amenities, replacement of towels, crockery, repair of small damages and replacement of small thefts inherent to normal use of the equipment.

9. Can the owner make any changes or add additional equipment in their accommodation (for example, changing the sofa or adding another TV)?

Yes, it is possible, when the owner intends to enjoy long stays.
During the rental period (if any), the equipment and furniture must be the original ones, provided when the accommodation unit was delivered.
During this period, the owner must remove any additional equipment and/or personal items from the accommodation. This is the only way to guarantee the uniformity of the touristic offer.
Amazing Glamping will not be responsible for any damage or theft occurring to the owner’s personal objects and equipment.

10. If, during the tourist rental period, there is any damage on utensils or equipment caused by guests, who will be responsible for replacement/repair?

Small thefts or repairs (for example, a TV remote) will be fully taken care of by the operator (Amazing Glamping). In more complex situations (for example, a damaged in the refrigerator), the operator undertakes to exercise all due diligence to charge the guest with payment for the damage caused.

If this process takes a long time, or proves to be unfeasible, and in order that the accommodation does not have its use compromised, the costs of repairing/replacing the equipment will be assumed 50% by Amazing Glamping / 50% by the owner.

11. Will the supply of water, sewage, electricity and internet services have to be contracted by the owner to Amazing Glamping? Is this monthly cost fixed, or variable depending on consumption?

Yes, these services must be provided exclusively by Amazing Glamping.
The owner will be charged a minimum amount monthly, referring to the costs of maintenance and operation of the service infrastructures (indicative value: €30).
Additional monthly usage amounts will be charged depending on consumption levels, during the periods in which the owner makes use of their accommodation.
During the period intended for tourist rental, the owner only assumes the charge of the minimum value mentioned above.

12. If it is necessary to carry out deeper repairs or preventative maintenance on the accommodation (for example moisturizing the wood) can this work be contracted by the owner to an external supplier, or is it carried out exclusively by Amazing Glamping?

Maintenance and repair services must be provided exclusively by Amazing Glamping, or by external suppliers to be appointed by it.

Only in this way is it possible to guarantee the same level of care, presentation, and maintenance of accommodation units, which respects the standards of notoriety and quality of the tourist resort.

These services, when necessary, will always be subject to prior budgeting, duly quantified and supported.

13. There is the possibility of adding an upper deck (with respective access ladder) and installing a jacuzzi. What is the amount of the additional investment and what is the deadline for communicating this decision to the promoter?

The additional cost for installing this equipment is:
– Installation of an upper deck on the terrace with access stairs and installation of a jacuzzi: €45,000
– The same situation, but without a jacuzzi: €35,000

The existence of this deck implies a reinforcement of the structure and foundations of the house and the installation of electricity, water, and sewage on the upper floor.

The deadline for communicating the decision is the date of signing the CPCV, as it will be necessary to reinforce the primary structure and pre-install the necessary infrastructure (water/sewage/electricity).

14. If the owner chooses to install the additional equipment (jacuzzi) and the upper deck, will the touristic night rate for his accommodation be higher than the one charged to the houses that do not have this equipment?

During rental periods, guests will be able to choose between booking accommodation with or without an upper deck with jacuzzi, even if the rate is the same in both cases.
Certainly, the placement of this additional equipment will increase the average occupancy rate and, consequently, the revenue for the owner.

15. Is it possible to park cars inside the condominium?

Yes, there will be dedicated parking spaces near the units. Each accommodation will have the right to a parking space, depending on the location, some will have parking next to their units, others (if there is no space for it) a little further away, but always within a few meters.
In any case, there will always be the possibility of stopping vehicles next to accommodation for loading and unloading operations.

16. Will there be plugs for charging electric cars?

There will be some charging points for electric cars, as is currently the case within the Reserve.

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